Discover How to Brew Your Own Booch

Gut your own endless supply of boochilicous kombucha!

Kombucha Kit


Our Easy to Use kombucha kit comes with the essential items you need to make YOUR very own kombucha! 

1 x Glass Jar

1x Wooden Spoon

1x Cotton Cloth

1x Plastic Sieve

1x Kombucha Culture

1x Heat Proof Plastic Jug

£30.00 + postage

Kombucha Masterclass

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Learn how to make kombucha with us or our registered nutritionist!

We offer online or in person masterclasses where we will demonstrate HOW TO brew your own kombucha along side you! You can take this time to ask as many questions as you like - all things booch and enjoy learning something NEW! 

£30.00 pp incl. a Kombucha Kit (minimum group of 6)

For face to face outside of East Devon and Exeter please get in touch first!

Kombucha Culture

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The MOST important ingredient Kombucha Culture!

This will come in the form of a SCOBY with some starter fluid, to kickstart your Booch Brewing journey! SCOBY's will continue to regenerate and so you'll have a never ending supply and can pass some off to friends who fancy brewing there own too!