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Boochtail 'o' Clock

(boochtail (noun) a kombucha mock/cock tail)

Deliciously refreshing in everyway, this Garden Mint combo is spring in a glass.

***Disclaimer - you do not need to mess with our already boochilicious kombucha........

To add a little je ne sais quoi

A highball glass / wine glass filled with ice,

A sprig of mint or citrus fruit to garnish,

& a bottle of Bennetts Kombucha

And you have got yourself, self care (quite literally!) in a glass to get you feeling special and sophisticated whilst boosting your gut health!

'Spring has Sprung, in a glass!'

  1. Get yourself your favourite glass and fill it with ice (i use reusable ice cubs because we don't want to dilute the goodness, but normal ice works perfectly as well!)

  2. Add a splash of New London Light - Aegean Sky (full of beautiful citrus notes, this is the Mediterranean in the bottle!)

  3. Top up your glass with some Bennetts Kombucha, Garden Mint

  4. Garnish with a slice of pink grapefruit

  5. & slurp me you will be slurping its that good!


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