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Diet & Health - Prof. Tim Spector

“Your diet quality is one of the things we can all do to improve our health and reduce the risk of COVID.”

“The quality of diet was instrumental in reducing the severity of COVID – the number of hospitalisations or people who had long term symptoms….everything starts to come together about the importance of your diet on the immune system via your gut microbes and how this has been so neglected and how government really hasn’t addressed this issue and that’s probably why the US & UK have done so badly in terms of hospitalisations and deaths from COVID compared to other countries could well be just the high levels of  ultra processed foods that we’re eating which are still being labelled as healthy….

Diet is important in immune function and we know that diet quality has an affect on the gut microbiome and we know that the microbiome and the immune system are absolutely linked….”

Research: Mass Diet Quality Survey (US & UK) – one million people

Tim Spector

Professor of Genetics, Kings College London and Author

The Life Scientific, Radio 4, 19 October 2021

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