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How should our kombucha be stored & how long does it last?

Updated: Jul 26, 2023

Boocherites! As a brand committed to delivering the utmost goodness in our kombucha, we prioritize keeping it in its purest form without pasteurisation or ultrafiltration. This means your kombucha is raw, retaining its full spectrum of beneficial compounds, probiotics, and flavour. To ensure you get the most out of each bottle, proper storage is key. In this article, we'll share our insights on storing your kombucha and understanding its shelf life.

Storing Your Kombucha:

To maintain the freshness and quality of our kombucha, we highly recommend storing it in the refrigerator/ keeping the kombucha chilled. By keeping our kombucha chilled, you are slowing the fermentation process down and inhibits the growth of bacteria and yeast, which can alter the taste, and feistiness of the kombucha.

Best Before Date:

We want you to enjoy our kombucha at its peak, which is why we provide a "best before" date on each bottle. The best before date indicates the time frame during which we advise the kombucha should be consumed within. For our kombucha, the best before date is typically set at 4 months from the bottling date. Remember, this date is a guide to help you enjoy our kombucha at its freshest and most boochiliciousness, but it doesn't mean it will spoil immediately after (we have consumed kombucha over 2 years old, we call this vintage!).

At Bennetts Kombucha, we strive to deliver kombucha that is bursting with goodness and flavour. Proper storage - keeping it chilled - is essential to maintain its boochiliciousness. Our best before date provides a guideline for enjoying your kombucha at its peak flavour and goodness. Sip, savour, and share the goodness of our kombucha, knowing that the beneficial compounds are present throughout its shelf life.

Ready to experience the full goodness of our kombucha?

Join us on our kombucha journey and let the goodness flow!

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