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Immunity, COVID-19 and Gut Health

60-70% of your immune system resides in your gut!


Staying well and avoiding the lurgy is at the forefront of everyone's mind at the moment. There are factors which are out of our control, but, what can YOU do to protect yourself from COVID-19?

60-70% of your Immunes control System resides in your gut, therefore, an unhappy, poorly looked after gut means it's not going to be working at its optimum to support your immune function. Think of your gut as your second brain, it is key in controlling, connecting and maintaining the health of your entire body.

We all know that living an unhealthy lifestyle has been associated with affecting the risk and severity of COVID-19, however, there has been a lack of research around the impact of diet. Until NOW!

A prospective cohort study, being conducted by Jordi Merino et al, set out to investigate the association of diet quality with risk and severity of COVID-19.


The study found that a diet made up of plant based foods was associated with a lower risk and severity of COVID-19.

What this means....

A diverse gut microbiome means your gut can better support your immune cells and we know that eating more plants means more diversity aka The Diversity Diet! This is proving itself (time and again) when put to the test of science. Soooooo get counting those plant points, fuel your gut with prebiotics (this is the fibre in your diet...aim for 30 different plant based foods a week) & probiotics (this is your fermented foods e.g. kimchi and drinks e.g. kombucha - remember we want multiple strains of millions of good bacteria).


Look after your gut and your gut will look after you.

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