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Not all kombuchas are not made equal. At Bennetts Kombucha we pride ourselves on offering the highest quality kombucha - family and AfN Reg Nutritionist approved.

1. We work in collaboration with University's to further understand kombucha, its contents, benefits and the variables that go in to the fermentation process.

2. We maximise the goodness contained within our kombucha by keeping it RAW and not pasteurising. Pasteurising heats the kombucha reducing the live cultures content of the kombucha.

3. We do not ultra filtrating our kombucha, this means our boocherites get the maximum amount of the natural goodness present in kombucha. Filtration is when the kombucha is pushed through a fine barrier which again reduces the capacity of goodness in the kombucha.

4. We use the highest quality natural ingredients. This is an important point - make sure to check your labels! We use 4 key ingredients - that's it!

5. We naturally ferment our kombucha in small batches in the heart of West Country at the Bennetts Kombucha HQ - a micro factory just off the A303 @ Rose Mills Industrial Park. Feel free to pop in to say Hi and to grab some gut fuelling deliciousness.

Our journey began when my mother and AfN Reg. Nutritionist wanted to improve our families gut health - My mum spent time looking into the type of tea to use, how to ferment and maximise the goodness in our kombucha as she wanted us, her family, to have the best booch! We are now on a mission to share this delicious drink, which we use to fuel our guts every day, with not just our family but all families. And by doing so improve the nations health.


Remember, as a small family-run business, we prioritize quality, taste, and customer satisfaction. If you have any further questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to reach out to us. We're here to help and provide you with the best kombucha experience possible.

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