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Our Natural Kombucha Flavours

Updated: Jul 17, 2023

Flavour breakdown: In this blog post, we talk about all things FLAVOUR. What boochilicious flavours we offer and what they taste like so you can pick the right flavour for your tastebuds.

We offer a range of delicious flavours to suit different preferences. All of our flavours are natural and plant based. This is why they are so light, delicate and refreshingly delicious - no nonsense going into our bottles!

From classic favourites like Lemon & Ginger and Berry Burst, to unique blends such as Organic White and refreshing Garden Mint, our kombucha flavours are multi award winning - something we are very proud of.

Our awards include GOLD's and Silver's with the prestigious Taste of the West Awards and Food Drink Devon Awards. WOOP WOOP!!

We also have a NEW, limited edition flavour for summer 2023 - Super Berry, which has just won GOLD with the taste of the west award.

Berry Burst:

Flavour Profile: Fruity, Crisp, Juicy

This flavour is brimming with berry deliciousness, antioxidants and gut loving beneficial bacteria. Popular with those who have a fruity palate, it is also one of our biggest sellers which isn't surprising as it tastes like a summers day at a 'pick your own' in the English countryside.

Dads favourite changes with the seasons, but this summer he can’t get enough of of the berries and is enjoying Berry Burst and Super Berry on repeat.

Lemon & Ginger:

Flavour Profile: Bright, Citrus, Warming

Lemon & Ginger is a classic, and our biggest seller. Reignite your day and recharge your gut with this natural plant based goodness. The bright citrus notes keep the kombucha light and refreshing, with the subtle warming from the ginger coming through at the end.

Garden Mint:

Flavour Profile: Fresh, Earthy, Cool

Now this kombucha flavour is something special. It is flippin fantastic and our founder AfN Reg. Nutritionist Tamara's favourite, so it must be good. Infused with fresh Garden Mint this herb creates a light, floral and slightly earthy kombucha resulting in a deliciously refreshing kombucha charged with extra antioxidants.

Organic White:

Flavour Profile: Floral, Light, Tea

This is the Original. Untouched. Unflavoured. This is liquid gold in a bottle and unlike any other kombucha we have tried - and needless to say we have tried ALOT!

Organic White is a perfect balance of both sweet and tart with a light floral and subtle apple taste. Packed with polyphenols this kombucha is extremely refreshing and will leave you and your gut wanting more.

Super Berry:

Flavour Profile: Refreshing, Bright, Juicy, Earthy

Inspired by our collaboration with the University of Exeter, which found that adding blackberries to the kombucha process increased the polyphenol and antioxidant capacity of the kombucha. For more information go to our story about Super Berry.

This flavour has been inspired by science, to fuel your microbes and excite your taste buds. Giving us a kombucha brimming with Live Cultures + More Polyphenols.

WARNING! Once our kombucha has been opened it's very hard to stop drinking.

Not sure which flavour to go for? Try out mixed taster box

Remember, as a small family-run business, we prioritize quality, taste, and customer satisfaction. If you have any further questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to reach out to us. We're here to help and provide you with the best kombucha experience possible.

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