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4 Tips to making sure your kombucha is the 'real deal'

Bottled kombucha comes in all shapes, flavours and tastes so, here are 4 things to look out for:

1 - Artificial (additives)

On reading the label make sure there are no artificial sweeteners or flavourings.

2 - Ingredients

Kombucha should have only 4 key ingredients: Water, Tea, Kombucha Cultures, Sugar, and Natural Plant flavourings if flavoured.

3 - Unpasteurised

The number of naturally occurring bacteria in kombucha will be drastically reduced by any pasteurisation process.

Kombucha is full of live partying beneficial bacteria which support your gut health, without (a broad diversity of bacteria) these.....well your gut isn't partying like it wants to!

4 - Sediment

Look at the bottom of your kombucha bottle for some sediment from the SCOBY and the settling of organic yeasts, this is a big indicator that your kombucha has been fermented properly and hasn't had all the beneficial biproducts of the natural fermentation process filtered out.

At Bennetts Kombucha...

We pride ourselves on brewing the very best quality kombucha!

Our kombucha only contains natural and organic ingredients; it is not pasteurised. This ensures our kombucha remains as raw and as untouched as possible for maximum goodness. Don't just take it from us, a team of students at Exeter University found billions of beneficial bacteria when they studied Bennetts Kombucha confirming it is well worth drinking!

Want some 'real deal' kombucha delivered to your door?

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