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3 ways to support your Gut Health this year.

Updated: Jan 10, 2023

3 EASY and AfN Reg. Nutritionist approved, ways to support your gut health this year. Your gut health directly links to your physical and mental wellbeing, immune system, energy levels, metabolic functions etc., so, support your gut, so it can support you!

At Bennetts Kombucha our mission is to improve the nations health one gut at a time by sharing this boochilicous drink with not just our family but all families! Therefore, we've pulled together 3 easy ways you can support your gut health this year.

1. GUT Outside (excuse the pun!)

Research has shown that spending time in nature is good for your mental health, physical health and gut health - lowering stress levels and even strengthening our immune system!

So get into nature, parks, woodlands, moors, whatever, you have available, and breathe in that fresh air - getting up close and personel with nature and more 'good' microbes increases the diversity of out gut microbiome and according to research the greater diversity in our gut microbiome the better!

2. PRE and PRO biotics

When it comes to prebiotics and probiotics, diversity is key. The aim is to consume 30 different prebiotics a week. Prebiotics are your sources of fibre e.g. grains, vegetables, pulses, legumes, seeds, herbs etc. For probiotics aim for a daily natural source of beneficial bacteria, to repopulate your gut microbiome e.g. Kimchi, Kefir, Kombucha etc.

“It’s that diversity of gut microbes that gives you a diversity of chemicals and, we believe, a healthier immune system and a better metabolism,” Spector says. “Once people start seeing that there is this link between the food we eat, our microbes and our immune systems, I think that changes the way we think about food. It’s not just fuel. It really is changing the way our body works.” – Prof. Tim Spector

3. Gut Moving

We all know we should be moving our bodies every day....When it comes to the gut, research suggests that exercise and moving your body can enhance the number of beneficial microbial species, improve the microflora diversity, and enhance the development of commensal bacteria. All these effects are beneficial to your gut health and in turn your overall health.

As explained by Dr Megan Rossi, "This is partly because movement benefits the functioning of our lymphatic system — a network of lymph nodes, tissues, lymphatic vessels and lymph fluid that helps clear the body of waste products and pathogens such as bacteria.

Exercise is also beneficial because muscle tissue helps rejuvenate the immune system, in particular, by helping produce chemicals such as glutamine." Which are essential for gut health function.

Therefore, MOVE your body, a walk in nature (2 birds one stone!), stretching, dancing, running, yoga, Pilates, gyming, tennis, an at home workout, whatever it is, move that body - ‘Alexa play I like to move it move it, by King Julian’ (

1 Day vs Day 1

These 3 easy ways to support your gut health this year, mean tomorrow doesn't have to be 1 day of supporting your gut, but day 1 of supporting your gut, for 365 days of the year.

Subscribe to our naturally fermented, raw and unpasteurised kombucha boxes, delivered right to your door, so you can support your gut 365 days of the year.

Use GUTFEELING at check out for 50% off your first subscription box.

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